High Impedance Ceramic Earphone

FOREMOST is a professional earphone supplier. Our various high impedance ceramic earphone and high impedance earphone have been provided to world since 1973.
■ High impedance crystal earphone.
■ Very sensitive and works great with Transistor Radio/Crystal Radios /DIY Electronics Projects.
■ Perfect to make electronics projects such as Crystal or Transistor Radios often used in schools and STEM electronic experiments requiring high impedance ear piece.
■ High 20,000 ohm impedance with resistance over 20 million ohms and a capacitance of 15,000 pf.
■ Rated Sensitivity of 57db at 1KHz in the frequency range from 200 to 8,000Hz.

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The combination of ceramic earphones and impedance earbuds creates a dynamic audio experience. The ceramic drivers deliver exceptional clarity and detail, while the impedance optimization enhances the overall sound performance. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, our earphones and earbuds will transport you into a world of superior sound quality.In addition to their outstanding audio performance, our ceramic earphones and impedance earbuds are designed for comfort and durability. 

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