External Bluetooth Car Microphone

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Boom Microphone for Open-face Helmet

  • Jet Helmet Earphone Kit
  • Boom Electret Microphone
  • Helmet boom style microphone with cable
  • As a replacement part to connect in a earphone kit to open-face(jet helmet) or modular helmet
  • Arm microphone, Cable microphone

The Boom Microphone for Open-face Helmet is an essential accessory for motorcycle riders who prefer open-face or modular helmets. This boom-style microphone is designed to be used with an earphone kit, providing a convenient and hands-free communication solution while on the road.

Crafted with precision, the boom microphone features an electret design, ensuring clear and reliable voice transmission. It is specifically designed to be compatible with open-face and modular helmets, serving as a replacement part that seamlessly connects to the earphone kit.

The microphone is equipped with an arm and cable, allowing for flexible positioning and ease of use. With this boom microphone, riders can enjoy hassle-free communication without compromising their safety or comfort.

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