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Single Clip-on Earphone with Ear Hook

H316 is a single earphone a swiveling ear hook, allowing placement on either the left or right ear. 
Ultra-lightweight clip-on earphone for on-air talent cues Swiveling earclip adjusts for left or right ear positioning


This design allows for versatile placement on either the left or right ear, ensuring a comfortable fit for every user. Whether you are an on-air talent or simply looking for an ultra-lightweight clip-on earphone, the H316 is designed to meet your needs.

The swiveling earclip of the H316 allows for easy adjustment and positioning according to your preference. You can effortlessly switch between left and right ear placement, ensuring optimal comfort and a secure fit during extended use.

Our focus is on providing a high-quality audio experience for on-air talent cues or general use. The H316 is designed to deliver clear and reliable sound reproduction, enhancing your listening experience and enabling you to stay connected with your audio cues or favorite music.

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