Recorder Telephone Pick-up
Recorder Telephone Pick-up
Recorder Telephone Pick-up
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Recorder Telephone Pick-up

  • Microphone suction cup allow you to place a phone receiver on your landline phone to record a conversation.
  • Easy to record by placing the suction cup on the receiver and record both sides of the telephone conversation clearly.
  • The microphone is covered with silicone rubber to reduce noise when it hits the receiver.
  •  It fits into any voice recorder, computer and any other recording device with 3.5mm microphone input. No battery required.

The Recorder Telephone Pick-up is a convenient device that allows you to easily record telephone conversations using your landline phone. With its microphone suction cup, you can securely attach the device to the receiver of your phone, enabling you to capture both sides of the conversation clearly.

Using this pick-up is simple. Just place the suction cup on the receiver, and it will adhere firmly, providing a stable recording connection. The microphone is equipped with a silicone rubber cover, which helps reduce noise caused by contact with the receiver. This ensures that your recordings are clear and free from unwanted interference.

One of the advantages of the Recorder Telephone Pick-up is its versatility. It can be used with various recording devices, including voice recorders, computers, and any other device with a 3.5mm microphone input. The pick-up does not require batteries, making it convenient and hassle-free to use.

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