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Connectors / Components

This connector is used for high-end interconnection systems for Vehicles, Aviation…etc.

  • 3.5mm Phone Plug
  • 6.3mm Phone Plug
  • Audio Adaptors

Connectors and components are essential elements in high-end interconnection systems, serving various industries such as automotive, aviation, and more. These systems rely on reliable and advanced connectors to ensure seamless and efficient communication and functionality.

One widely used connector is the 3.5mm Phone Plug. This compact plug is commonly found in audio devices such as headphones, speakers, and mobile devices. Its versatility and compatibility make it a popular choice, enabling easy and convenient connections for audio transmission.

In applications that require a larger and more robust connection, the 6.3mm Phone Plug comes into play. Also known as the 1/4" or quarter-inch plug, it is commonly used in professional audio equipment, musical instruments, and amplifiers. Its larger size allows for a secure and stable connection, ensuring optimal audio performance in demanding environments.

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