Travel Adaptor / Airplane Headphone Adaptor Plug

  • Use your own headphones to enjoy onboard entertainment
  • This airline adaptor converts a regular headphone stereo jack 1/8’(3.5mm) to a dual prong 1/8’(3.5mm) airline / aircraft jack
  • Fits all standard airline connectors and headphone stereo jacks
  • Easy to use, just connect this adaptor with your headphone audio jack, and then plug the adaptor into your aircraft seat

When you're traveling and want to enjoy the onboard entertainment, having the right equipment is essential. The Travel Adaptor, also known as the Airplane Headphone Adaptor Plug, allows you to use your own headphones and have a more comfortable and personalized audio experience.

This handy adaptor is designed to convert a regular headphone stereo jack (1/8" or 3.5mm) to a dual prong 1/8" (3.5mm) airline/aircraft jack. This means that it is compatible with the standard connectors found on most airlines and can easily connect to the headphone stereo jacks available on the aircraft seats.

Using the Travel Adaptor is a breeze. Simply connect the adaptor to your headphone's audio jack and then plug the adaptor into the designated jack on the aircraft seat. Once connected, you can enjoy your favorite movies, music, and other forms of entertainment using your own headphones, which ensures a higher audio quality and a more comfortable fit.

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